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Shrivenham Bowls Club

Competition Rules


CLUB COMPETITION RULES      (Revised September  2015)

1.            ELIGIBILITY
Club Competitions shall be open to all full playing members, who are available to play on Finals Week-End.
(a)  Jim Jones Shield, which shall be restricted to those members, who have never won a major Club Competition.   (1 to 12)
(b)  Rose McDiarmid Trophy, which shall be restricted to those members, who have reached the age of 60 by the 1st April in the current season.  This competition shall be played solely in the afternoons.

2.            COMPETITION DRAW.
All Club Competitions shall be randomly drawn and the full draw published in the Clubhouse

After publication of the draw, or completed round, both players/teams in the next round should find a mutually agreeable date on which to play. If they have been unable to get together or contact each other, then the following guidelines should be followed.:-
(a)  It is the responsibility of the first named player (challenger) to communicate with the second named player (the opponent)  to arrange the match and in the case of singles matches to arrange a competent marker. who should be a full playing member
Three dates, one of which must be a week-end, shall be offered with the opponent accepting one of the dates
(b)  If the challenger has not challenged the opponent in the first two weeks of the designated period, he/she will forfeit all privileges as challenger and the opponent will then become the challenger, who shall offer two dates.
(c)  Record the game in the club diary.
(d)  Failure to complete a game by the play-by date, may result in either player forfeiting the game, this shall  be brought to the attention of the Competition Secretary.

4.            CONDITIONS.
(a)  All Club Competitions shall be played under the rules of Bowls England, except where local rules are stipulated and authorised by the Management Committee of the Club.
(b)  No game shall be allowed to be played after the play-by date, unless the green has been closed for play.   If this occurs on the four closing days of a round an extension of 4 days maybe allowed. When the green is declared fit, arranged matches shall be played unless both parties agree to a re-arrangement before the play by date of the round.  If one party refuses to play they forfeit the match.
(c)  Any player or players not presenting themselves on the green within 30 minutes of the stated starting time, shall forfeit the game.
(d)  The winner/s to update the draw, by placing their name forward to the next round on the Competition Draw Sheet
(e)  Rinks shall be drawn by the Green Keeper of the day.
(f)  If a match in progress in abandoned due to the green being unfit for play, the match to be re-scheduled starting from the number of completed ends unless there has been a mutual agreement on the result.  Trial ends will be allowed at the start of the continuation

5.            SUBSTITUTES
Club Pairs or Club Triples

Substitutes shall be permitted to play in any position and must be of equal or lower handicap than the original player and must not have played or be due to play in that competition
Alan Lane or Nominated Pairs.
Any appropriate substitute shall be made available for these competitions.
All substitute’s names shall be highlighted on the competition draw sheet
The players taking part in the first game shall constitute the team.
A substitute playing in a final, will receive the awards, but honours board recognition shall only go to the original member of the team.

6.            DRESS.
Dress code is white/greys except for the final when white/whites shall be worn.

Any questions or disputes shall be communicated to the Competition Secretary, who with the Ladies & Gents Captains shall settle the matter.  The decision made shall be final and binding on all parties.